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The A-Class is now in Ireland

From being a vibrant and active model yacht country in the 90’s, model boat activity suffered from the Celtic tiger years as people progressively moved to different and bigger things. First the Marblehead class disappeared, then IOM nearly suffered the same faith. But for 3 stubborn and passionate individual in Gilbert Louis, Jeff Kay and Des Dwyer, the class not only survived but steadily grew over the years.

Now this new class of magnificent boats are coming to Ireland.  Brian O’neill who joined the IOM fleet just a few years ago has been driving the model boat activity in Northern Ireland to be precise. Now we have 5 A-Class ( sweet6, sweet9, a Quasar from the 70’s and other ones)..

Reaching size of up to 2m long the A-Class is one of the biggest RC sailboat class in the world. Yet it is a simple boat to helm.

Impressive size

Helming an A-Class boat is like helming a dinghy or a small cruiser racer. You really find the same feelings. Try to bear away without sheeting out the sail for a try she won’t bear away...

Feels like big ones

Skippers in this class tend to be more mature sailors who generally have or sail full size boats and they make it a real pleasure to sail together.

Great skippers

We want You

The A-Class in Ireland is now established since 2014. With one boat in the republic and the rest in Northern Ireland we are looking to expand the fleet to other skippers / sailors who are like minded.

Don’t let it’s size discourage or scare you. And big doesn’t mean expensive either. I bought mine for less than €500 ready to sell. Like in any class or sport you will find more expensive of course but the cost is not linked to performance.

Whether you are already sailing another RC boat or are new to RC sailing we will help you find the right boat for you.

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